If your child develops an infection in the pulp of one of their primary teeth, our dentists may recommend a pulpotomy, also known as a baby tooth root canal. This is a minimally invasive endodontic treatment we perform to safely restore your child’s smile to good health. Signs your child may have an infected primary tooth include:

For this procedure, our dentists will remove the infected decay inside the pulp chamber and sterilize the area. Unlike a root canal, we avoid removing the nerves of the tooth, and in some cases, we may even keep some of the pulp in place if it is healthy enough. If this becomes the case, we simply use a therapeutic dressing for the pulp to stay healthy. After this is done, we will insert a dental crown to protect the tooth from future problems. Though this treatment is mostly recommended for those with primary teeth, we may suggest a pulpotomy for adults who have a healthy amount of pulp.

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